Official Seal


SHIELD derived from the provincial seal of Ilocos Sur where the town is located.

TWO (2) ENCIRCLING BLUE LINES represent the protective shield of the government as the vanguard of the municipality.

SPANISH CROWN signifies that the place was once the seat of the Spanish Authority in the north.

SEVEN (7) STARS represent the seven (7) barangays of the municipality.

CROSS symbolizes the religious of the towns-people.

FLOWER represents hope and joy.

CHAIR symbolizes furniture making and antique items found in the community.

BIG WOK symbolizes salt making industry.

PLOW depicts the municipality as an agricultural town with cabbage, onion, and rice as its products.

FISH symbolizes the aquatic resources of the town.

STATUE stands for sculpture-making which depicts patience of the constituents engaged in it.

ROSE represents the municipal flower.



BLUE stands for unity.

RED stands for heroism and love.

YELLOW denotes prosperity.

GREEN stands for hope.