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  1. 1. Check your voting precinct.
    Avoid going to the wrong place or getting lost in the sea of voters by knowing where your voting precinct is located. You may inquire about your precinct by getting in touch or visit COMELEC offices  near your place.  It’s best to do this during business hours (8 am to 5 pm) so you can be sure that someone will be available to attend to your inquiries.

    2. Make a list, check it twice.
    A lot of candidates are currently clamoring for your attention so choosing the ones who you feel have the best political plans and ideals could be very tricky. We hope that by this time, you already have at least an idea who you will vote for. Put together a final list of your chosen ones before the big day so that come voting time, accomplishing the ballot will be much easier.
    3. Prepare IDs—just in case.
    Make sure that your IDs are valid and bring them with you on Election Day. It’s best to have your IDs with you in case the Board of Election Inspector (BEI) at your precinct needs to verify your identity.

    4. Be early!
    Beat the long lines by going to the precincts early. The voting hours will be from 6 am to 6 pm, May 13, 2019 . 

    5. Check your ballot.
    Once you’ve received your ballot from the BEI, make sure that it is free of any marks and has a UV mark. Don’t make unnecessary marks or fold your ballots—doing so might invalidate your vote. And remember, each voter can only get one (1) ballot.

  2. 6. Shade the circle properly and completely.
    There is a high chance that the machine will not count your vote if the circle is not shaded properly. The BEI will provide an official marker, so you don’t have to bring one.
  3. Keep in mind that you can UNDERVOTE, but you cannot OVERVOTE.

    7. Selfies are not allowed.
    You can bring your mobile phones with you, but you are strictly prohibited from using them while inside the polling place. While it is tempting to take a “nationalistic” selfie with your ballot, please be reminded that you might get penalized for that.

    8. Get inked.
    Once you’ve accomplished your ballot, run it through the vote counting machine (VCM), and get your finger marked with indelible ink. Review the voting receipt that the election worker will give you, and make sure that the information written there is correct. Once the information is verified, drop the receipt in the voting receipt receptacle.

    Remember: You are not allowed to leave the polling place with your voting receipt.

    Bonus tips to keep in mind… 

  4. 9. Wear comfortable clothes.
    Since summer is still in full swing, expect the polling places to be really hot in addition to being packed with people. It’s best to wear breathable but decent clothes that will help you stay cool throughout the entire voting process.

    You’re all set to cast your vote and take part in yet another milestone in Philippine history. With just a few days left, let’s all together hope for a safe and peaceful election. And whoever wins, remember that we also must also do our fair share in making the Philippines the country that every Filipino truly deserves.

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