Elderly Filipino Week Celebration 2017

The  Local Government Unit  and the Federated Senior Citizens Association  of San Vicente  headed by Fed. Pres. Dr.  Peroma Pacis ,  celebrates  Elderly Filipino Week  or Linggo ng Nakakatandang Filipino, with  different activities to highlights  the event.         The celebration started on Oct. 1 with Thanksgiving Mass ,  followed by an Awareness Campaign on Oct. 2 ,  while on Oct. 3  ( 7: 30 am) Healing Mass and Anointing by Rev. Fr. Roque C. Reyes,  and a  simple program at the Gymnasium  at   ( 8: 30 a.m. )                                                                                         On Oct. 4-  visitation of the Sick Elderly in the Barangay,  Oct. 5-  Cleanliness and Beautification, Oct. 6- Senior Citizen Apostolate ( Prov’l Prison) and a Forum on the Challenges of Retirement Golden Age) by Dr. Abercio Rotor, on Oct. 7 .

This year’s theme ” Pagkilala sa Kakayahan , Ambag at Paglahok ng mga Nakakatanda sa Lipunan “, aims to give recognition to older persons for their valuable contribution to society.


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